Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Canary Dental Laser System Office Installation - USB Quick Connect

The Canary system can be a great way to diagnose and treatment plan lesions that cannot be detected through traditional methods. The 2Hz laser allows us to find cavities 5 times quicker that X-rays allowing us to have smaller access preps, quicker dental visits and prevent tooth decay progressing to the point where root canals or crowns become a concern.

There are two ways primarily to install and run the system in an office:

Option 1: Using a cart system. The Canary is placed on moveable rolling unit and it can be moved operatory to operatory as required.

  • It does not require an independent power source in each operatory
  • Can leave the Canary unit plugged in to the back of the unit
  • No other computers are required in the operatory
  • Need to have an electrical socket near canary to plug in the power supply cable
  • Will necessitate purchasing a new laptop as the unit that come with the Canary is slow
  • The laptop will need to be kept charged to operate all day
  • The cart can be obtrusive to move in and out of the operatory

Option 2: Using the power supply upgrade kit you can have a power supply in each room and just lift and move the Canary console

  • Limited space taken up by the Canary
  • Can use the operatory screens and computer systems for the user interface
  • Requires a speaker in each operatory
  • Continuous plugging in and unplugging of the console required
For our office we prefer having the power hardware upgrade kits and have come up with a novel solution to make it quick and easy to transfer the unit from room to room:

The USB Quick Connect System

1. Take two USB 2.0 A-Male to B-male 6 inch high speed scanner device cables, plug into the Canary console and Zap strap in two locations. The Canary system is a USB 2.0 device and does not require 3.0 capability.

2. Plug these two 6-inch cables into two female USB 2.0 extensions that run back into either a USB Powered Hub or directly into the USB ports of the computer. Once lined up use black electrical tape to secure both ends together. This allows for quick release of both USB cables together in 1 motion while leaving connection in place in the back on the Canary system reducing wear and preventing loose connections over time. If cables wear over time they can be easily replaced without damaging the Canary system ports. It’s quite common to have fatigue in the ports of any electronic device from constant in and out motion so reducing the number of times you need to do this will increase the longevity of the electronic components.

3. Yellow EZ ID sterilization tape (obtained through Dental supplier) is placed so assistant can easily see which side of quick connect to plug in. 6 inch cables are also marked with blue and red tape so if these cables are removed they can be plugged back into same ports while maintaining the same wire orientation.  This allows for USB extension cables to remain plugged into the same ports on the computer or hub to reduce error messages/driver issues since windows can sometimes map the driver to a particular port.

++ The cables needed to install the Canary using this method can all be purchased through Amazon


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