Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Axe dental visit anxiety

There are a variety of things that cause anxiety in life and here is our top 10
  1. When your phone is at 1% and you can’t find a charger anywhere in sight. Darn it should of bought that car charger...
  2. When you’re in a circle and everyone is saying something about themselves and you're last trying to listen to what every one else is saying while trying to think of something cool yourself and can’t figure out what to say that would really make you sound cool
  3. Trying to find a new job. Resumes, phone interviews, real interviews, waiting for voicemails… need I say more
  4. Public restrooms, for those times you wish you could just be sitting in the comfort of your own throne
  5. Walking out of a building at the same time as someone else and you're both headed in the same direction; unsure as to whether you should walk at the same pace, directly behind the person or slightly in front or walk across to the other side of the street. Behold the awkwardness
  6. To emoji or not not to emoji. How friendly do I want to make this text, what message am I sending, is this too casual for a business message … lol :)
  7. Not knowing what someone is talking about but feeling like you need to pretend you’ve been listening the entire time because you just gone too far in the conversation and it would be rude to divulge your complete lack of interest
  8. Thinking you lost your wallet. I have to get a new drivers license, call my credit card company, get new debit cards! Where’s my wallet… oops there it is
  9. Seeing someone in a public place who you really don’t want to talk to but you’re not totally sure that they haven’t seen you and you’re not sure if you can escape without being noticed
  10. Sitting on the couch thinking about all the things you need to do but really you don’t want to get up to do any of them… but really you should…. but it’s so comfortable here
Guess what we left off this top 10 list, a visit to the dentist! Yes a visit can now be more comfortable then ever with a painless computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system, a super special topical anaesthetic, a non clinical environment and for those people who are really anxious oral sedation to calm the nerves.

After doing hundreds of successful sedation cases we continue to hear the same things over and over again. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I love the fact I don’t have to remember everything. Can't I do this for all my appointments?

Really a visit shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience and working together with your dentist to come up with an effective plan to manage anxiety is the most helpful bit of advice I can give. As far as figuring out what to do when you walk out of the elevator the same time as someone else, you’re on your own.

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