Friday, September 19, 2014

6 things to look out for when searching for a new dentist


1) It can be useful that your dentist is close to your place of work, school or home for convenience.  But it’s more important that you find a dentist that you trust for your treatment. It’s easy to go places because of proximity but it’s more important to search for a dentist with a high standard of care.

Unfortunately; the best way to really know who is good it to look at dental work every day. Everytime I look at a filling, a crown or orthodontic treatment I’m trained to judge it by the highest standard. But how can someone with no dental experience judge how good their dentist is?

Things to look out for:


2) The more times one spends practicing his or her craft the more skilled he or she will be. Like anything it takes time to become proficient with your hand skills as a dentist but it's just as important to become proficient with your biggest asset, your brain. What works in each clinical situation is the key to a successful outcome.

Try to find out whether your clinician is involved in continuing education.  The dental field is continuously evolving and effective new therapies are developed all the time.

Up to date Equipment

3) Just like a automobile you can get around in a 1970 chevy to get from point A to B but a newer model will have the latest in technological advancements in safety, engineering and cleanliness. It was a natural evolution that as research continued to improve that dental equipment was going to vastly improve as well. The bacteria that cause cavities haven’t changed but our tools to treat the disease have improved tremendously.

Listening Skills

4) In the 80’s going to the dentist or medical office meant sit down, don’t talk and I’ll tell you what you need. That’s no longer an acceptable way to practice dentistry. The reason for the huge shift in focus is that what a patient tells you can be integral in what your selected course of treatment may be.

Dentistry for many years was reactionary, you have a problem so now we’ll fix it. A major change in thinking has now moved to dentistry towards a preventative model. How can things be addressed so you don’t have future gum problems, cavities, enamel wear or arthritic joint concerns.

Word of Mouth

5) What do people say? The best reference is often a first hand account. Approximately 90% of our patient’s find us because they were referred by a friend, colleague or web review.


6) It’s important to remember that you have choice in deciding who you will enlist to take care of your oral health. You have to feel comfortable with that person as you will be seeing them for potentially the next 10, 20 to 30 years.

It’s amazing the number of people that come in and tell me how they disliked their old dentist but it took them years to leave the office! Just remember you can make the final decision with respect who you want to build your health relationship with and once you find the right place you'll know.

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